Bastet, the cat goddess of ancient Egyptian mythology, goddess of happiness and fertility, protector of the home, pregnancy and childbirth, goddess of the sun and protector against contagious diseases and evil spirits, is in her temple in the city of Bubastis, on the Nile delta, in Lower Egypt.

The goddess is bored. It has been a long time since she last saw her face, so she decides to go to the Nile River, where the waters are calm, to look at herself and admire her reflection. But to her great surprise, when she looks at herself in the water she realises that she’s lost her Eye of Ra, which she has a right to as the legitimate daughter of the Sun god.

Annoyed, she decides to return to the temple to recover her Eye of Ra because she thinks that is where she lost it. What she doesn’t realise is that, as she walks back, her rage becomes so great that she turns into the lion goddess, Sekhmet, a symbol of strength and power, goddess of war and revenge. 

When she arrives at the temple, intent on declaring war on whoever stole the Eye and taking revenge, she shouts and demands left and right for it to be given back to her. Suddenly, she stumbles across the Eye itself, who tells her that she has it on her, that she should return to the river and look at herself in the water and she will see it.

So, she does and when she reaches the river, still in a bad mood, she looks at her reflection and indeed she sees the image of the Eye of Ra on her head. She calmly returns to the temple and, on the way, as her anger fades, she turns back into the cat goddess once more.

When she reaches the temple, nobody dares to say anything to her. Not even the powerful Eye of Ra, who is hiding behind a column fearing that she will question him. Until a few days later, bored...

The narration is in Catalan. Please, put the volume off to do your own narration.