Ets dona (2022)

Artist Book
Two copies of the poems by artist and writer Dolors Fàbregas, written for the occasion, handwritten in calligraphy on tracing paper and machine-sewn to hand-painted paper and pieces of reused cloth from a curtain catalogue.
17 x 80 cm open

For the group exhibition dŏmna, dŏmĭna at the Ethnographic Museum of Ripoll on the occasion of International Women’s Day, together with Montse Barros Amils, visual artist; Maite Amàrita, artist, and Dolors Fàbregas, artist and writer.

Four different views that invite you to think about woman’s femininity inside her home.

The Catalan word dona (‘woman’) comes from the Vulgar Latin dŏmna, which is a syncope of the Classical Latin dŏmĭna, lady, mistress of the house. In Catalan, the first known source of this word and meaning, conserved in writing, is from the 12th century.

Group exhibition about woman, Ripoll, March-April 2022