A Camera of One's Own (2022)


Tunnel Book 
Cut black cardboard and tracing paper 
15.5 x 22 cm close

This book is inspired by Lotte Reiniger's animations. 

The cast, in order of appearance, is:
Lotte Reiniger (1899) _ precursor of animation in movie format 
Alice Guy (1895) _ pioneer of the use of cinema to create stories
Lois Weber (1879) _ pioneer of social movies 
Elena Jordi (1882) _ first Catalan cinema director
Germain Dulac (1882) _ pioneer of experimental cinema
Dorothy Azner (1897) _ the only woman director in Hollywood's Golden Age
Maria Forteza (1913) _ first woman to make sound cinema in Spain
Esfir Shub (1894) _ pioneer of the found-footage technique
Leni Riefenstahl (1902) _ pioneer of propaganda films 
Virginia Woolf (1882) _ author of A Room of One’s Own, which inspired the title of my book

On the occasion of the 12th Women’s Art Show of La Garriga, dedicated to Women and Cinema. 

Video by La Garriga Town Hall of the 12th Women’s Art Show of La Garriga