The impulse of life is what leads to you being born. In the same way, it leads you to create.

Creativity has been the driving force of my life. In every area, but in the past few years, I have had the privilege to also express it artistically. And more recently, it seems that my path has become mapped out and clear.

Paper, letters and thread come together in the pieces I create. The smell, the texture and the different colours of paper have always fascinated me and have been very present in my life. So have letters, in the form of calligraphy, reading and writing.

The thread ties it all together. The most important elements and experiences of my life but also the people and human events. The content.

And finally, the book. An element that has always had one of the most privileged places in my eyes. Now as an artistic expression. The structure.

My most usual narrative: women, their surroundings, their role, their relationship with the world and with men. The second: the environment, health.

Today these are my main, maybe primary, concerns.

Also, family, that great unknown, which is nevertheless always very present.