Handmade publications

My innermost fantasy with all this is to create beautiful bespoke handmade publications, for my projects and others’.

So far, I have mainly done cookbooks. Some of them are still in progress. But I want to show you the first one I made, with lots of joy and enthusiasm, for a very special person.

This is the first edition of the cookbook for Judit’s cooking workshop at Àgape restaurant, in Vic. She wanted the recipes to be loose so that only the one needed can be out while cooking so that the rest won’t get dirty.

In this case, I created some cards for each recipe to be kept together in a box. The box is reused and originally held turron (nougat) from a very famous patisserie in Barcelona.

These are the recipe cards, which we designed together with Fina from Pla-Valldaura Disseny.

They are structured according to four types of dishes: 0 for general ones, 1 for starters, 2 for main courses and 3 for desserts.

The spines are painted according to the four categories of dishes.

We’ve already made four editions.

This is the latest one and for each edition, the information is updated and more details are added.

This time we included a brief presentation and a table of contents. In the first one, we included a bibliography and the credits.

Do you like the final result? Would you like me to make your cookbook? Or any other handmade publication?

Please, contact me and we can talk about it!