When I had to write the project report for the installation I created at EASDVic (School of Art of Vic) in Barcelona while studying there, one thing was very clear in my mind, it had to be in the form of a handmade bookbinding structure.

When I had to create something to promote my expression workshop, again one thing was very clear in my mind, it had to be with paper.

When I created the brand, once again something was very clear in my mind, its leitmotiv had to be that the materials used were, as much as possible, reused and the waste resulting from production reduced to a minimum.

From this philosophy REPAPER was born, and from many other places that would take too long to explain.

All this, of course, without neglecting a good sense of aesthetics, practicality and love.

You can also commission work from me, which makes more sense to me so as not to accumulate stock just because.

Would you like to do an individual or group workshop? Do you want it in English? We can talk about that too.

In the catalogue you’ll find what I do, which I will keep adding to, so check it from time to time and hopefully, you’ll find what you like and what suits you most.

You can also follow me on Instagram, where you can watch the progress of everything I do, handcrafts and art because REPAPER is my artistic laboratory.

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Elisenda Mallol Comas and this handcrafts and art universe is my passion, my devotion and my creation space.

You are very warmly welcome.